Vic is 92 years old and says for himself:

“Well I have to admit that I’ve led quite an interesting life really and I’ve got plenty of things to prove it”

Vic was born and brought up in East Ham, and has lived and worked in many different places during the course of his life. Vic served in the RAF with 139 Jamaica Squadron and was part of the RAF Bomber Command. Vic has travelled very widely, both professionally during his years of RAF service, and privately with his wife Joan and their family. Vic and Joan were married for over 50 wonderful years. There are many fabulous pictures of them in his home, and in those from the early 1940s the smart RAF officer and his stunning fiancé certainly look like they have just stepped out from a Hollywood film set!

Over 20 years ago, Vic and Joan moved to Staffordshire, converting the ‘upstairs’ of the split level property where their daughter, Kath, lives and works, into a self-contained single-level home. They enjoyed their new home immensely, and Vic continues to live there today, next door / upstairs from Kath. Very sadly, however, Joan died suddenly and unexpectedly following a severe stroke some 15 years ago, and so they have not been able to spend their old age together.

In the intervening years Vic has gradually become frailer, and a few years ago was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. Vic needs quite a bit more help these days than he used to, and there have been times when his frailty and dementia have been quite difficult to cope with. However, Vic has been able
to take on the challenges associated with this changing phase of his life through his own determination and through the wonderfully caring and dedicated support that he has received from Kath. Kath has been flexible, resolute and adaptable, and completely focused upon helping her dad to continue to enjoy the things that are most important to him every single step of the way.

In the following sections, using the framework described in the Enabling Zone, we will talk about some of the things that are most important to Vic, and how Kath has used supported self-care to help him to continue to enjoy doing many of the things that he likes to do.