Person-Centred Care for Older People living with Frailty

The Frailty Toolkit is part of a set of digital learning resources to support “learner-led” and “train the trainer” approaches to improving care for older people living with frailty.



The Frailty Toolkit is a web-based application designed to provide quick and easy access to a range of frailty-related resources.  These include tools to support a person-centred approach to helping older people with frailty remain as independent as possible.  There are also learning modules and training materials, as well as national guidance, reports and publications.


FrailtySIM is a Virtual Reality (VR) workforce development tool that improves healthcare for older people living with frailty.  Through a set of immersive experiences it increases awareness of frailty, develops understanding and empathy, enhances observational skills, and deploys assistive technology.



Frailty360 is an innovative frailty training programme that uses a unique set of resources and an immersive approach to education to deliver key learning objectives in frailty and integrated person-centred care.  Resources are available for digital download.



Frailty Champions programme is designed to ensure the benefits of locally delivered face-to-face training can be achieved as cost effectively as possible.  Local Frailty Champions and Trainers have access to the dedicated “Facilitator Resources” section of the Frailty Toolkit and receive support from experienced facilitators to explore the range of Frailty360 resources available and how they can be applied to different audiences.



Innovative and interactive training sessions and workshops designed to promote holistic person-centred care for older people living with frailty.  Delivered by an experienced team of facilitators, event formats range from short awareness building sessions through to whole day workshops.  They are ideal for developing multi-agency and multi-professional approaches to frailty care at all stages of a person’s journey and can be customised to your local situation and needs.



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