There are estimated to be over 1.5 million older people living with moderate or advanced frailty across England based on research from the development of the electronic Frailty Index.

The Five Year Forward View highlights the importance of promoting independence of older people, particularly those living with frailty.  Supported self-care is an enabler of a ‘home first’ approach to older people’s care.  The Frailty Toolkit and Training has been developed to respond to local priorities and needs, as well as being aligned with recommendations from the British Geriatric Society’s “Fit for Frailty” guidance and NICE guidance on multi morbidity (NG56).  To date, over 2,000 staff from across health and social care organisations have participated in training events delivered by the programme either in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire as part of the initial development, or in other areas across England.

We are now able to offer a local trainers programme to broaden the reach and impact of the training.

Any cohort of local trainers will have access to resources to be able to deliver sessions covering:

  • Understanding and identifying Frailty;
  • Person-centred care and building empathy (including how to run FrailtySIM, the Frailty Virtual Reality Experience);
  • Integrated assessment;
  • Self-care and supported self-care planning.

Individual local trainers or frailty champions can come from a variety of backgrounds but should have the following in common:

  • Demonstrate a baseline level of knowledge and experience in the topics outlined, including through participation in a previous Frailty Toolkit Training event.
  • Attend a half-day training sessions.
  • Have (or are planning to) lead or co-lead their own training events in the 3-months following the initial sessions and gathered participant feedback
  • Be prepared to reflect on feedback and remain current to ensure their training events are engaging, relevant and impactful.

Local trainers have access to all the training and education resources of the Frailty Toolkit programme, and to experienced facilitators for ad hoc advice.

How to get involved in future cohorts? 

To apply or nominate an individual email:

or complete the online form at:

Training Dates

Training dates are typically organised as part of a programme commissioned by local areas or networks.  Please contact your local frailty lead to find out if any events are planned in your area.  If your area is not yet engaged in the programme, but you are interested in finding out about Train the Local Trainer opportunities, please contact or register interest in the programme.