The module includes an explanation of the range of validated tools for both opportunistic or reactive frailty identification, as well as proactive tools.  Understanding of assessing different levels of frailty is applied through the John, Barbara and Mike case examples.

The objectives of the module are to:

  • Explain how improved understanding of frailty has led to development of validated tools for identifying potential frailty and assessing levels of frailty.
  • Provide an overview of opportunistic and reactive tools for identifying frailty.
  • Introduce the electronic Frailty Index (eFI) as a population-based tool to identify the risk of frailty.
  • Provide practical experience of applying the Dalhousie (Rockwood) Clinical Frailty Scale.

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Identifying Frailty powerpoint presentation and associated speaker notes
  • Clinical Frailty Scale case studies template and answers
  • Clinical Frailty Scale handout

Minimum time required: 40 mins (including exercise)

Identifying frailty slides

These are the module presentation slides.  Available as both PDF format and a downloadable PPT file.

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Download PowerPoint slides here

Identifying frailty speaker notes

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Clinical Frailty Scale handout

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Clinical Frailty Scale Case Exercise – John, Barbara and Mike


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Answer sheet

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