The quiz includes multi-choice style questions about the local demographics, frailty and dementia prevalence, and care home residency as well as more general questions related to ageing, the experience of people living with frailty and their care.

The objectives of the introductory quiz include:

  • Start discussion about frailty
  • Draw out prior knowledge levels
  • Promote working together and sharing knowledge
  • Provide context for frailty locally

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Question sheet that can be customised to local area
  • Facilitators guide which provides key points to highlight during the quiz answers
  • Quiz module powerpoint presentation covering instructions, timer and answers.

Minimum time required:
30 mins

NB.  If the quiz is being used at the start of a training session then it is important to limit the amount of discussion for each answer to avoid running over time.  Alternatively the quiz could be used to explore levels of understanding and different perspectives as a standalone module which could last 45 minutes.

Quiz question sheet

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Click here to download PPT question sheet template

Quiz facilitators guide

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Quiz module presentation (PDF version)

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Quiz module presentation (PPT version for downloading)

NB. This is required for the timer and the slide animations to reveal answer on after question on same slide.

Click here to download PPT slides

Access local data for your quiz

This excel file contains data for all CCGs in England so that you can customise your quiz to your local area.

Click here to download the local data file

Keeping your independence handout

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