Designed for a range of group sizes, these innovative and interactive 2-hour sessions are designed to build understanding and empathy for older people with frailty and introduce the core principles and skills of supported self-care for this population group. The events are designed for care professionals for whom attending a whole day training event is not feasible and are based on individual learning and experience. They complement the multi-disciplinary, multi-agency team based sessions and focus on awareness building, imparting knowledge, highlighting skills and providing a practical, empathy building experience through the Virtual Reality simulation.

The objectives of the sessions are:

  • To introduce the context of frailty in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire;
  • To provide an understanding of frailty and its dynamic nature;
  • To build empathy for older people living with frailty;
  • To explain the principles of supported self-care and integrated assessment in relation to older people with frailty;
  • To introduce and provide access to the Frailty Toolkit App.

The outline of the sessions is:

  1. Introduction and quick fire quiz
  2. Frailty Fulcrum animation and worked example
  3. Journeys of frailty and and introduction to supported self-care presentation
  4. Home-based Virtual Reality Frailty simulation
  5. Introduction and quick guide to the Frailty toolkit, including ‘getting on line’

These sessions can be delivered ‘on site’ for a single organisation or convenient training venue for individuals from a range of organisations.

Feedback from the sessions can be found under Previous Training Events

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