Frailty Champions Programme

The Frailty Champions programme is designed to ensure the benefits of face-to-face training can be achieved as cost effectively as possible and embedded locally.

Local Frailty Champions and Trainers have access to the dedicated “Facilitator Resources” section of the Frailty Toolkit and receive support from experienced facilitators to explore the range of resources available and how they can be applied to different audiences.

Frailty Champions are able to deliver training covering:

  • Understanding and identifying Frailty;
  • Developing observational skills and building empathy (including how to run FrailtySIM, the Frailty Virtual Reality Experience);
  • Holistic, integrated assessment (including the Frailty Fulcrum model)
  • Person-centred care planning and supported self-care.


The requirements for individuals wishing to become a Frailty Champion/local trainer are typically:

  • Demonstrate a baseline level of knowledge and experience in the topics outlined, including through participation in a previous Frailty Toolkit Training event;
  • Already have some formal or informal ‘trainer’ role (our approach focuses on building familiarisation with the content and the approach rather than developing skills as teachers or trainers).
  • Able to attend a half-day local trainer training session;
  • In a position to lead or co-lead their own training events in the 3-months following the initial sessions and gather participant feedback.

Frailty Champion support

Frailty Champions Training event.

On the day, local trainers would receive:

  • Access to tried and tested training materials, including FrailtySIM and participant handouts, all delivered by experienced facilitators;
  • Opportunity to work on ‘real life’ case examples in multi-disciplinary teams (mix of teams depends on mix of participants);
  • Support from experienced facilitators and trainers to explore the range of resources available and how they can be applied to different audiences, including additional case studies not covered in the morning training;
  • Local Trainer resource pack (hard copy of materials in a folder) and USB data stick with electronic resources needed for delivering the different modules;
  • Getting Started participant handouts and training materials.

Post-session benefits include:

  • Access to core  online learning modules to reinforce and augment the training event, including:
    • Participant modules;
    • Local Trainer readiness modules;
    • Local Trainer feedback and reflective learning module, including the opportunity to share views, comments and ideas with other local trainers and the Fusion48 facilitators.
  • Access to the dedicated “Facilitator Resources” section of the Frailty Toolkit.

For organisations or areas where potential local trainers have not had the opportunity to attend a Frailty Toolkit Training event, a whole day course incorporating “participant training” in the morning followed by a “train the trainer” session in the afternoon can be arranged.  In addition, the understanding frailty section can be customised to ensure key aspects of local pathways or approaches are incorporated.

How to access the Frailty Champions programme

Generally, the local trainer programme is commissioned by an organisation, locality or area.  If you are interested in this approach, please register an interest and we will contact you with further information.

You may also register an interest as an individual and we will contact you about potential programmes being run in your area or whether you would be confident to access the resources remotely.

You can also access digital downloads of the learning resources for use by local trainers / local champions through the Frailty360 programme website.

Overview of Frailty Champions resources

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