These innovative and interactive 3-hour sessions are designed to promote multi-agency and multi-professional working whilst building understanding and empathy for older people with frailty.  They have been developed to combine the multi-agency, case-based, supported self-care planning from the whole day training events with the shorter format of the Frailty & Supported Self-Care Awareness sessions.

The objectives of the sessions are:

  • To introduce the context of frailty in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire;
  • To provide an understanding of frailty, its dynamic nature and how to identify it;
  • To build empathy for older people living with frailty;
  • To explore approaches to integrated assessment and supported self-care;
  • To work with colleagues from across health and social care;
  • To introduce and provide access to the Frailty Toolkit App.

The outline of the session is:

  1. Introduction and quick fire quiz
  2. Understanding Frailty through the Frailty Fulcrum
  3. Journeys of Frailty including approaches to identifying and assessing Frailty (in line with NICE guidance on multimorbidity)
  4. Approaches to Supporting Older People with Frailty to self-care
  5. FrailtySIM – The Frailty Virtual Reality experience and introduction to Victor
  6. Victor’s story – Understanding what is important and planning for supported self-care
  7. Quick guide to the Frailty toolkit, including ‘getting on line’

These sessions are intended for a multi-professional and/or multi-agency set of participants.

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