The module introduces the definitions, principles, skills and a template for person-centred collaborative working.  It also allows participants to share their perspectives on what improvements can be made to ways of working.

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Provide a common language and definitions of self-care and supported self-care
  • Outline the principles and skills required to support independence through person-centred care
  • Introduce the Supporting Independence Care Planning template
  • Explore what helps and what hinders integrated and person-centred care locally

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Supporting Independence & Person-Centred Care powerpoint presentation and associated speaker notes
  • Supporting Independence Care Planning template – A3 booklet (A1 poster also available)
  • Integrated Working and Person-Centred Care Help or Hinder exercise card

Minimum time required:  15 mins (presentation) 20 mins (help or hinder exercise)

Supporting Independence & Person-Centred Care presentation

These are the module presentation slides.  Available as both PDF format and a downloadable PPT file.  Speaker notes are also provided.

PDF format of slide presentation

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PowerPoint presentation

Click here to download PPT slides

NB. This is required for the slide animations on the Skills for Supported Self-Care slide.

Speaker notes

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Supporting Independence Care planning template

A3 Booklet version

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A1 Poster version

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Editable Powerpoint Version

Help & hinder exercise card

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Other relevant toolkit resources:

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