The module provides participants with the opportunity to explore the potential of Assistive Technology (AT) to support Nirmala and Baldev to continue living in their own home as independently and safely as possible despite advancing frailty.

Short video clips are available to highlight the how a range of AT has been used across each of the domains of the frailty fulcrum.  Local Trainers are encouraged to join up with local AT leads to increase awareness of the potential of AT locally.

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Apply the knowledge, understanding and skills of modules 1 – 10 to a community-based case example of an older couple who are both living with frailty, including understanding what is important and supporting independence.
  • Consider opportunities for the use of Assistive Technology across all domains of the frailty fulcrum.
  • Increase awareness of the AT services available locally.
  • Work together as a multi-disciplinary team.

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Video of Baldev’s & Nirmala’s story
  • Voice of Baldev & Nirmala cards (available in other modules)
  • Supporting Independence Care planning exercise card
  • Supporting Independence Care planning template
  • Example of Supporting Independence Care Plan
  • Video of Assistive Technology across each of the domains of frailty

Minimum time required:  30-40 mins

Nirmala’s & Baldev’s story – video

Voice of Nirmala and Baldev cards

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Supporting Independence care planning template

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Supporting Independence Case instructions

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Example of completed care planning template

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Assistive Technology and adaptations across each of the domains of frailty

Other relevant toolkit resources: