Published in early 2015, Living with frailty: a guide for primary care is a special edition of the British Journal of Primary Care Nursing.  The supplement was developed and produced in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improving Quality.

It has the following sections:

  • Why we need a new approach to managing people with frailty.   Professor John Young, who at the time was the National Clinical Director for Integration and Frail & Elderly Care, introduces the guide.
  • Understanding frailty as a long-term condition.  Frailty shares many characteristics of a long- term condition: it cannot be cured but can be controlled with appropriate treatment, and people with frailty can be readily identified in primary care using quick, simple, evidence-based tools.
  • Supported self-management for people with frailty.  How GPs and practice nurses can collaborate with people with frailty and their carers to help them develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to care for themselves and their condition effectively.
  • Back to basics 1. Identifying people with frailty in primary care.
  • Care and support planning for people with frailty.   Care and support planning is a continuous process in which a person with frailty and their clinicians work together to agree goals, clarify support needs, develop and implement action plans, and monitor progress.
  • Improving end-of-life care in the community.  The Gold Standards Framework can help to provide a structured framework to the challenges of end-of-life care, enabling more people to live and die well where they choose.
  • Back to basics 2. 10 top tips for primary care.
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It can also be accessed online here.