The Frailty Toolkit

The Frailty Toolkit is a web-based application designed to provide quick and easy access to a range of frailty-related resources.

It was initially developed as part of the Nottinghamshire-wide Frailty & Supported self-care training and education programme which was funded by Health Education England on behalf of Nottinghamshire’s health and care stakeholders.  It has since been extended through the involvement of other areas in the development of related training programmes.

The resources include:

  • Tools for identifying and assessing frailty;
  • Person-centred care planning template;
  • Learning modules and training materials;
  • Detailed case studies of older people living with frailty;
  • Summaries and links to national guidance, reports and publications;
  • Localised Directory of Resources.

You can gain access to the Frailty Toolkit via the Frailty360 programme website

If you are interested in deploying the resources for your organisation, contact us via the “Register Interest” form.

Explore the videos below to find out more.

Tour of the Toolkit – Part 1

Tour of the Toolkit – Part 2

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