Frailty Champions Evaluation

145 staff representing over 35 different organisations across Hertfordshire & west Essex STP area participated in Frailty Champions training at one of nine events held between 28 Mar and 12 Apr 2019.

On the day, participants were provided with resource folders containing training modules including:

  1. Introductory Quiz
  2. Understanding Frailty (including the Frailty Fulcrum)
  3. Identifying Frailty
  4. Managing Frailty – Overview
  5. Supporting independence and person-centred care (including My Plan)
  6. Focus on Falls

Participants also received a login to the Frailty Toolkit and were sent emails with links to digital downloads of the resources, including FrailtySIM.

As part of the evaluation of the programme, those that took part in the Frailty Champions events are requested to complete this follow up questionnaire.

Most of the questions are either multi-choice or require a ‘1-10 rating’, but where indicated please also provide brief comments.

Thank you for your contribution.

Click here to complete the questionnaire