Flo’ or Florence is a telehealth service using patients’ own mobile phones or landlines; Flo enables people to manage their conditions from their homes. It sends reminders to patients and collects their health readings within protocols that have been agreed by their clinician.

The approach is very much about encouraging patient self-care and reinforcing messages and advice given by practitioners and clinicians.

Flo is a proactive approach to patients who are regular attenders to A&E, or to GP appointments.


For more information on Flo, contact the Assistive Technology Workstream:

Jayne.Birch-Jones@mansfieldandashfieldccg.nhs.uk / 07500 783 221

Sian.Clark@mansfieldandashfieldccg.nhs.uk / 07545 423 027

Natalia.Remizovsky@mansfieldandashfieldccg.nhs.uk / 07794 089 025