Summarised below are some facts and figures about Nottinghamshire and Nottingham ageing population. They include ONS population estimates; dementia prevalence estimates and frailty prevalence estimates.

ONS Population estimates

Based on the Office for National Statistics (ONS) population estimates for 2014, published in June 2015 the population of Nottinghamshire is older than England as a whole, whereas Nottingham City is markedly younger.

The estimated population of Nottinghamshire (excluding the City) is 801,390 of which around 1 in 5 people (158,000) in Nottinghamshire are aged 65 years or older compared to around 1 in 8 (37,000 of 314,268) for Nottingham City. Across England it is a little under 1 in 6.

There are 88,000 people aged 75 years and older across the whole of Nottinghamshire (including City), of which 25,216 are 85+ and almost 9,000 are 90+ with the breakdown by local authority as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 13.23.28

Dementia prevalence

National estimated dementia prevalence by age band show the steep rise in prevalence with age, from less than 1 in 100 for those aged 60– 64 up to almost 1 in 4 for those aged 90-95 (see headline figure).

When applied to the ONS population estimate, this indicates there may be over 13,000 people across Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City with dementia. This is estimated to be around 2,700 across the City and then around 1,500 in each borough of Nottinghamshire.

Based on data from Health & Social Care Information Centre, the number of individuals on the dementia registers of GP practices across Nottinghamshire (including Bassetlaw) and Nottingham City was 9,499 in March 2015 indicating a diagnosis rate of around 70%.

Frailty Prevalence

Based on a systematic review of 21 cohort studies, (Collard et al. JAGS 2012: 60; 1487-92) the weighted average prevalence of frailty in community dwelling individuals aged 65 and over was 10.7% with the following breakdown by age band:

  • 65-69 = 4%
  • 70-74 = 7%
  • 75-79 = 9%
  • 80-84 = 16%
  • Over 85 = 26%

This suggests there are around 20,000 older people with frailty across Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City, or around 2% of the total population. At a GP practice level this varies from 0% to around 3% of the practice list.

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