The initial development of the Toolkit was in response to a Nottinghamshire-wide programme launched by the former Local Workforce Action Board (LWAB).  Members agreed to work together to improve care for older people with frailty through an innovative toolkit and supporting training programme that aimed to:

  • Enable supported self-care;
  • Promote integrated assessment;
  • Foster multi-professional and multi-agency learning and working;
  • Deliver consistent education and training standards.

The programme has been funded by Health Education England (HEE) working across the East Midlands and its direction and development was been shaped by professionals and older people with frailty working together, including:

  •  Steering group. Chaired by representative of the LWAB, with senior workforce representatives from HEE and Local Authorities.
  • Multi-professional, cross-organisational ‘Expert Advisory Panel’ and ‘User Group’, including both local stakeholders and relevant external experts, have informed the content of the programme and provided input into design of toolkit and training events.
  • A small group of older people with frailty, their families and carers, have directed case studies.

The first wave of whole-day training events and the launch of the Frailty Toolkit took place in October 2015, with a subsequent set of events in late January / early February 2016 and April / May 2016.  Shorter format Awareness Building sessions were also designed and run through 2016.  A “Local Trainer” programme was also launched in December 2016.   To date, around 1,000 health and care professionals representing more than 80 organisations from across Nottinghamshire’s NHS, Adult Social Care, Private and Third sector providers have joined the programme.

The Toolkit and Training is also being adopted and adapted in a growing number of areas and across all settings.  Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust supported development of the managing frailty in acute settings modules, whilst other areas have run related training events.

If you require further information, or are interested in how the Frailty Toolkit and associated resources could support those caring for older people living with frailty in your area, please contact

Health Education England working across the East Midlands

Workforce Team (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire)

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