The care navigation team works with people to prevent them from being admitted to hospital unnecessarily. If the patient arrives at the Accident and Emergency Department, Urgent Care Centre and/or Acute Medical Assessment Unit with an illness or injury that may not need acute or medical treatment, the patient will be assessed and if appropriate, refereed to the care navigation team.

The team will then refer the patient to care or treatment better suited to their need. This may be treatment in their own home, an outpatient treatment in the community or an appropriate inpatient setting.

In order to be assessed and referred by the care navigation team the patient must be aged 18 or over and be registered with a GP in the borough of Bexley. They must be clinically stable.

The care navigation team can be found in the Accident and Emergency Department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The aim of the care navigation team:

  • Is to prevent unnecessary acute hospital admission.
  • They are able to direct patients to the appropriate care.
  • They can act as a liaison between acute hospital departments and community services.
  • They will also make appropriate and timely referral to the community services.
  • They will also ensure seamless care is continued for patients already having treatment.

Staff working in the Queen Elizabeth hospital are able to access both the Joint Emergency Team (JET) for Greenwich patients and also the Care Navigation Team for Bexley patients . These services enable staff to make appropriate referral to the correct services, avoiding hospital admission, supporting patients and family during their hospital stay. Or getting the patient and their family support when they are getting home from hospital.   All staff are made aware of these services and are expected to make the appropriate referral to the appropriate borough to ensure a smooth assessment and discharge home if this is appropriate.