Attendance Allowance

Individuals could get £55.10 or £82.30 a week to help with personal care if they’re physically or mentally disabled and aged 65 or over.  This is called Attendance Allowance. It’s paid at 2 different rates and how much the person get depends on the level of care that they need because of their disability.

Other benefits can increase if someone gets Attendance Allowance.

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Help with claiming benefits: Age UK offer a benefits advice service–advice/benefits-advice-service/

Further details are available from the Benefits Team at the Shrewsbury office on 01743 233 123.

Carers Allowance

Carers could get £62.10 a week if they care for someone at least 35 hours a week and that person gets certain benefits.  The carer does not have to be related to, or live with, the person they care for but the carer won’t be paid extra if they care for more than one person.

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Blue Badge

The Blue Badge scheme provides a national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties who travel either as drivers or passengers.

The scheme also applies to registered blind people and people with very severe upper limb disabilities who regularly drive a vehicle, but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand.

It allows badge holders to park close to their destination, but the national concessions apply only to on-street parking.

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Council Tax rebates & discounts

If only one adult lives in a property, they will get a 25 per cent discount on the council tax bill. When working out how many people live in a property, some people are not counted. These are called disregarded people.

You are disregarded if you are:

  • ‘severely mentally impaired’
  • a long-term hospital patient or care home resident
  • living in a hostel which provides care or treatment because of your old age, physical or mental disability
  • a live-in care worker.

Further information is available at

or consult Citizens Advice Bureau for advice  There are a number of locations across Shropshire:

You can find us in:

or phone Shropshire Advice Line 03444 99 11 00


Paying for care

If someone needs care and support in their own home, the community or in a residential or nursing home they can approach the Council for help towards paying for their care.  All use government guidance to assess care needs (Care Act Assessment) that would be eligible for the Council to support.

If assessed needs are eligible for support a financial assessment is carried out to work out what the person can afford to pay.

  1. If someone has savings of £23,250.00 or more the Council will not contribute to the cost of their care and support services.    Individuals can go direct to a provider of their choice and organise these services.
  2. If savings are below £23,250.00 a Financial Declaration form needs to be completed, giving full details of your income, savings and any other assets you own.  This information is used to calculate how much the person will be required to contribute towards the cost of the care and support they are assessed as needing.

Shropshire Choices provides information and advice about Adult Social Care, Housing and Health.

‘Let’s Talk Local’ information sessions are available in the market towns across Shropshire where individuals are able to speak to someone face to face. To arrange an appointment at a ‘Let’s Talk Local’ session, contact the Council on 0345 678 9044

Continuing  Health Care funding

NHS Continuing Health Care (NHS CHC) means a package of on-going care to meet assessed needs of an individual aged 18 or over that have arisen as a result of disability, accident or illness. The care is arranged and funded solely by the NHS where professional assessments have found that the individual has a ‘primary health need’.

Anyone who thinks they, a relative or friend, may qualify for CHC should contact the Shropshire CCG Complex CareTeam on 01743 277531 or