Background to the Frailty Toolkit

There are estimated to be around 30,000 older people living with moderate or severe frailty across Nottinghamshire and Nottingham.  Across England the figure is around 1.5 million or 15% of the population aged 65 years and over.

In 2014/15, members of Nottinghamshire Local Workforce Action Board (LWAB) came together to improve care for older people with frailty through an innovative toolkit and supporting training programme with the following aims:

  • Enable supported self-care;
  • Promote integrated assessment;
  • Foster multi-professional and multi-agency learning and working;
  • Deliver consistent education and training standards.

The training programme and associated toolkit have been running since October 2015.  In addition to the Nottinghamshire programme, the training and education resources are being adopted and adapted across the country.

We’re also delighted that the Nottinghamshire Frailty Toolkit and associated training resources were  also used to help shape the development of the national Frailty Framework of Core Capabilities.

There are six features of the combined training, education and toolkit which come together to provide an innovative and interactive approach to helping support older people living with frailty to self-care and have a better quality of life:

You can access the 3-month follow up evaluation of the April and May 2016 cohort here.

Access the Frailty Overview, including the Frailty Fulcrum.

Register your interest in deploying the Training and Toolkit in your area or organisation.  Please note it is not currently possible to register for access to the toolkit via the “Create an account button”.

Information about training and other resources

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