The department is located within the Medical Diagnostic Centre. The Ambulatory Care Department was set up in 2102. It is the sister unit of the Acute Medical Unit. It is a day unit whose aim is to provide medical care and investigations to patients who have already been reviewed by a medical doctor or general practitioner.

The service is only suitable for some medical conditions and for those patients who are able to attend on a walk in basis.

There are other clinic on-going in the Medical Diagnostic Centre (MDC). Patients will be seen and investigations organised as promptly as possible. Some patients may need to stay in the MDC for several hours, as they may have to have blood tests and scans with results the same day.

Care is provided by a team of nurses and doctors who are supervised and supported by the Acute Medical Consultant.

The MDC is opened Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. It is closed over the weekend.

Patients who need to continue treatment over the weekend will be directed to attend ward 1 (Acute Medical Unit)