The Practical Guide to Healthy Caring is designed for the increasing number of carers who are themselves older people and aims to help them make the most out of life. It guides readers through the recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance of their caring role, before directing them towards sources of support.

Encouraging carers to looking after their own health and wellbeing is another vital message in The Guide. It reminds older carers to make sure that they find time to look after their own long term health conditions, as well as encouraging them to stay active and adopt healthy lifestyles.

The Guide gives advice on coping with stress, staying connected to other people and sensitively helps people to prepare for when their caring journey comes to an end.  Finally, it helps carers to draw up a practical action plan to help themselves and brings this right into the ‘here and now’ with the excellent advice ‘make time for yourself today, even if it’s only ten minutes’.

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