Published in July 2015 by International Longevity Centre-UK (A think tank impacting policy on longevity, ageing and population change), this report was inspired by the 80th birthday of the ILC-UK Chief Executive and founder, Baroness Sally Greengross. It provides 80 facts about life in your 80s. It incorporates new analysis by ILC-UK of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing by ILC-UK.

It provides facts across a wide range of topics listed below with examples:

  • Living to 80: The rate of increase in life expectancy for men and women at the age of 80 has been astonishing. Female life expectancy at 80 has risen by 2.6 years or 29.2% since the year 2000, while male life expectancy has also risen by 2.6 years or 35.6% over this period.
  • Wealth at 80: Nearly 95% of those aged 80+ are debt-free, compared to only 60% of those 50–64, but those aged 80+ have on average £120,000 less in net non- pension wealth than those 50–64 or 65–79.
  • Health at 80: 44% of women and 36% of men aged 80+ have at least one limitation with Activities of Daily Living. Among those with mobility, Activities of Daily Living or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living problems, half of men and two-thirds of women receive help.
  • Dealing with pain at 80: 49% of women and 38% of men aged 80+ are often troubled with physical pain. This amounts to approximately 675,000 women and 360,000 men in England alone. Among those who are troubled with physical pain, 1 in 4 reports severe suffering.
  • Active at 80: 29% of women and 44% of men aged 80+ go for walks or do regular exercise. Only 1 in 10 women aged 80+ use internet or emails compared to nearly 3 in 10 men.
  • Working at 80: Over 1 in 10 men and women aged 80+ do volunteer work at least once a month.
  • Sexual activity at 80: Sexual activity declines with age, but 21% of people aged 80+ report sexual activity in the previous year. While almost 60% of those aged 80+ report having had only one sexual partner in their lifetimes, only around 20% of those aged 50–64 report this.
  • Achievements at 80: At 80 years old, English marathon runner Ed Whitlockheld 13 world records in long- distance running. He ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon at 80 in 3 hours 15 minutes.
  • 80 across the world: The number of people aged 80+ globally has increased from 0.6% of the total population in 1950 (15million), to 1.6% (110million) in2011, and is estimated to reach 4% (400million) by the year 2050. A factor of 26 increase in the number of 80+s, compared with a factor of 3.7 for the total population.
  • Famous at 80: According to Exodus 7:7, Moses was 80 years old when he initially spoke to Pharaoh on behalf of his people.
  • 80 years ago in 1935: The UK introduced the compulsory driving test, whilst Cats eyes were introduced on the roads, Nylon tights were invented and the current version of Monopoly was introduced.
  • The number 80: It is estimated that up to 80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface and that there are 1080 atoms in the known observable universe.

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